With my assistance you’ll: • get a list of plants that best suit your indoor conditions and level of expertise; • obtain the names of retailers that carry the best selection of plants; • know what to look for when choosing the best specimens and what to avoid; • get an idea of the fussiest plants out there and whether you should wait until you’re a ‘plant pro’ before attempting to grow them on at your house, despite the attraction; • receive direction as how to best care for these new plants, including watering advice, potting or re-potting, day to day care, fertilizing, pest and disease control and general maintenance tips and tricks to ensure their good health; • receive a list of plants that may be toxic to pets and children as well as gaining an understanding of what that means, what to look out for, and how to still incorporate these plants into your life; • get advice on where to find the most attractive and interesting pots locally; • be able to design your own collection of plants in beautiful pots, called a “pot scape”, no matter your conditions and level of skill; • get follow-up advice via email or phone for a month, or add on for more supplemental advice; • have the opportunity to have me shop with you, or on your behalf, for an added cost; • choose to show off your newly acquired skill of keeping beautiful houseplants when I showcase, with your permission of course, the pictures you send me on the PLANT YOUR HOUSE Facebook page!